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How Cloud Services Can Help Your Small Business

How Cloud Services Can Help Your Small Business

Anyone with a business that uses computers has heard about “The Cloud” by now. You know it relates to how you create, distribute and store business data (information technology), but do you know what it can do for your small business?

What Exactly is the Cloud?

In its essence, the cloud comprises internet servers that connect with user computers through log-in portals by which to use applications that do not live on your computers. Once, if you wanted all of your employees to have use of a particular application, you would install a copy on each user’s desktop, laptop or tablet hard drive or on your local area network central server. The cloud means having use of a vast network of servers owned, housed and administered by others. All you need is a device, internet service and an account for each user. Depending on your business, you can use those servers as little or as much as you need.

Why are Cloud Services Better than My Current IT?

Small businesses seldom have the budget for big IT. However, in this digital age, you have ever-expanding opportunities for enterprise applications that streamline your operations. These apps, while saving you big bucks with operational efficiencies and reduced staff, run off of powerful servers and also generate an increase in your data storage needs.

Where budgets may not handle the necessary computing and storage power, cloud services can offer a complete IT department that is scaled to your needs. You can increase or decrease service instantly and never pay for more than you use.

Where budgets may not handle the necessary computing and storage power, cloud services can offer a complete IT department that is scaled to your needs. You can increase or decrease service instantly and never pay for more than you use. Forget trying to forecast what you may or may not need in the future. Why lay out funds for idle machines in advance? As technology is continuously refined, servers purchased now may be obsolete by the time you bring them online. With the cloud, you avoid the expenses of the infrastructure. You don’t house, maintain, repair, replace or increase the number of servers as your computing and storage load increases. You need not pay the salaries of a team of cybersecurity experts to keep your information safe. Because the cloud offers you IT services only at your current scale, you never waste resources.

Can the Cloud Increase My Profits?

Money not diverted to the capital expenditures needed to run a 21st-century business is money in the bank. You may recognize that you ought to upgrade or overhaul your information technology but can’t justify or bear the expense. However, cloud services now offer exactly what you need at a fraction of the cost. Small businesses and the cloud were made for each other.

Since every small or mid-sized business is unique, your business solutions should be tailored just for you. That’s the beauty of the cloud. No matter what your enterprise does, there’s a better way to do it with the cloud. Johnson Business Technology Solutions can help you find and implement an IT plan that fills your needs and fits your budget. Just click or call us today.

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